BYU-Idaho Center

On the western edge of Brigham Young University-Idaho's campus stands a remarkable structure. It is large and impressive, yet modest and practical. It brings a modern touch to the skyline of a rural community, yet remains faithful to the heritage and mission of the institution it serves. Its conception and construction were guided by revelation from a living prophet. It embodies an unwavering commitment to providing a quality education in a wholesome environment.

This unique facility is the BYU-Idaho Center. Dedicated in December 2010 after approximately three years of construction, the BYU-Idaho Center has become the university's central gathering place. With nearly 435,000 square feet of space, this multi-purpose building is essentially two facilities in one, containing a 15,000-seat auditorium and a large, multi-use activities center.

This ingenious design, blending space for worship and other events into one cohesive structure, evokes the chapel and adjoining cultural hall arrangement common to Latter-day Saint meetinghouses.