BYU-Idaho is a privately owned and operated university. As such, we strive to maintain an educational atmosphere with as little advertising as possible.

Career Fair Image with Students

How can my company market to students?


Only paid advertising in the Scroll (BYU-Idaho Student Newspaper) is available to off-campus companies.

  • Distributed weekly in every campus building.
  • 70% pick up rate on campus and 80% pick up rate in 11 off-campus locations.
  • For ad rates and purchasing information, email or call 208-496-3730.

For marketing ideas in Rexburg and the surrounding area, contact the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce at or call 208-356-5700.

What is the best way to recruit at BYU-Idaho? 

Visit the Employers & Schools page for information about participating in career fairs, hiring interns, posting job descriptions, and other recruiting opportunities at BYU-Idaho.

How can I comply with BYU-Idaho?

  • Sales, solicitations, and sponsorships are prohibited on campus.
  • Handing out or placing flyers on cars, sidewalk displays, lawn signs, posters, signs on buildings, and any form of guerilla marketing are not allowed.
  • Commercial advertising is not allowed on event programs, tickets, or any other BYU-Idaho publication.
  • BYU-Idaho does not have a licensing program. Therefore, off-campus entities are not permitted to use any element or aspect of BYU-Idaho's identity.

Violation will be documented and violators may be restricted from future campus access. Violators may also be referred to the authorities in accordance with local laws.

For additional questions contact: University Relations at or call 208-496-3110.