Jason Hunt


Phone Number   208-496-4620
Email Address   huntj@byui.edu
Address   205 BEN


2002 Masters in Physiology-Idaho State University

PhD Physiology-Idaho State University

Areas of Interest

Research: Fertility

Teaching: Human Physiology

Recreation: Motorcycles, has driven over 72,000 miles on Goldwing and have visited 36 of the 50 states

Works in Progress

Jason Hunt, Sierra Smith, Alex Hallam and Jack Rose. The effects of estradiol and catecholestrogens on glycogen catabolism and glucose mobilization in the uterus of the milk (Neovison vison).

Jason Hunt, Sierra Smith, Alex Hallam, Matt Dean and Jack Rose. The metabolism of uterine GLY metabolism.

Recent Publications

Rose J, Hunt J, Shelton J, Wyler S, Mecham D. The effects of estradiol and catecholestrogens on uterine glycogen metabolism in mink (Neovison vison). Theriogenology. 2011 75(5):857-66.


FDCNC 250-Foundations Capstone

BIO 461-Class

BIO 264-Human Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO 265-Human Anatomy & Physiology II

Other Information

Brother Hunt has been married for 18 years, has 5 children, ages 17 to 5. He loves basketball, hiking, motorcycle riding (dirt and street), animals (2 dogs, 2 cats).