Alan Holyoak


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1992 Ph.D., Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA.

1986-1987 Doctoral Studies, University of Hawaii Manoa, Honolulu, HI

1986 M.S., Zoology, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT (Field and lab research carried out at the Friday Harbor Marine Laboratories, San Juan Island, WA)

1983 B.S., Zoology - Aquatic Biology Emphasis, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.

Fall 1981 Marine Studies, Brigham Young University-Hawaii Campus, Laie, HI.

1981 A.S., Biology, Ricks College, Rexburg, ID.

Areas of Interest

Marine Biology

Invertebrate zoology

Environmental Science


  • BIO 181 - Principles of Biology II
  • BIO 312 - Invertebrate Zoology
  • BIO 314 - Marine Biology
  • BIO 420 - Limnology
  • BIO 445 - Ichthyology
  • FDSCI 101 - Foundations of Science
  • FDSCI 202 - Issues in Climate Change

Professional Publications

Holyoak, A.R., Brooks, D.J., and S. Coblentz. 1999. Observations on the winter spawning and larval development of the ribbed limpet Lottia digitalis (Rathke, 1833) in the San Juan Islands, Washington, USA. The Veliger 42(2): 181-182.

Holyoak, A.R. 1998. Writing throughout (not just across) the biology curriculum. The American Biology Teacher 60(3): 186-190.

Holyoak, A.R. 1997. Group orals. pp. 34-36 in The Hidden Curriculum: Faculty-made tests in Science Part 2 Upper Division Courses, S. Tobais & J. Raphael (authors). Plenum Press, N.Y.

Holyoak, A.R. 1997. Patterns and consequences of whole colony growth in the compound ascidian Polyclinum planum. Biological Bulletin 192(1): 87-97.

Koppen, C.L., J.R. Glascock, and A.R.Holyoak. 1996. Spawning and larval development of the ribbed limpet, Lottia digitalis (Rathke,1833). The Veliger 39(3): 241-243.

Geiger, H.L., and A.R.Holyoak. 1996. Preference of adults of the dorid nudibranchs Archidoris montereyensis (Cooper, 1862), Diaulula sandiegensis(Cooper, 1862), and Triopha catalinae (Cooper, 1863) for shaded over lighted conditions. The Veliger 39(1): 95-97.

Holyoak, A.R. 1992. Morphogenetic movement and assembly of strobilea into zooidal systems in early colony development of the compound ascidian Polyclinum planum. Biological Bulletin 183: 432-439.

Holyoak, A.R. 1992. Population dynamics, colony growth, and budding of the ascidian Polyclinum planum. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA. 217 pp.

Holyoak, A.R. 1988. Spawning and larval development of the trochid gastropod Calliostoma ligatum (Gould, 1845). The Veliger 30(4): 369-371.

Holyoak, A.R. 1988. Spawning, egg mass formation, and larval development of the trochid gastropod Margarites helicinus. The Veliger31(1/2): 111-113.

Holyoak, A.R. 1986. Behavioral strategies of the trochid gastropods Margarites pupillus and Calliostoma ligatum. M.S. Thesis, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. 53 pp.

Additional Information

Hopes to begin teaching a field course in marine biology for BYU-Idaho students in Spring 2013. Details TBA.