How am  I doing?

At several times in the process of completing the requirements for the Biology Education Baccalaureate Degree there will be checkpoints where your satisfactory progress will be monitored before allowing you to continue on in the Biology Education Major.

Following are the checkpoints where this will occur:

  1. After you have completed 24 credit hours, a hold will be placed on your ability to register for your next semester's classes until you talk with the Biology Education Program Coordinator, Ehren Haderlie. Once you have met with Brother Haderlie and successfully planned out your remaining semesters at BYU-Idaho you will be able to register.
  2. During the semesters in which you take Bio 305 and Bio 405, you will attend a meeting with Brother Haderlie, one of your content teachers and one of your education teachers. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss your progress towards becoming a successful teacher candidate. They will discuss your strengths and weaknesses and will lay out a plan for you that will identify the areas in which you need to improve. Succesful implementation of this feedback will assure your continuation in the Biology Education Major.
  3. Finally, in your last semester before you student teach you will take Ed 461. In this course you will need to demonstrate that you are ready to move on to student teaching. Your instructor will be giving you feedback and helping you to identify any remaining weaknesses. You will be expected to show progress in these areas before you will be allowed to move into student teaching.