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Procedure for obtaining teacher certification when you already have a Bachelor's Degree in Biology

Some individuals do not realize that they want to teach until late in their college studies and may find it more prudent to graduate with a non-teaching Bachelor's Degree and then return to school to pursue a teaching certificate in their major field of study.

Others may have graduated, gone into the work force, and later decided that they want to have a career in teaching.

In these, and perhaps other instances, the solution may be to return to college to complete the needed coursework to obtain a teaching certificate from their State Board of Education.

General policies for admitting students to a Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification track at BYU-Idaho

Specific Biology Department Procedures and Requirements to Earn a Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certificate in Biology through BYU-Idaho.

Links to State by State Licensure information

Licensure Requirements by State

Alternate pathways to Idaho Teacher Certifcation