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Procedure for obtaining teacher certification when you already have a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, or if you are about to graduate at BYU-Idaho with something other than an education degree

Some individuals do not realize that they want to teach until late in their college studies and may find it more prudent to graduate with a non-teaching Bachelor's Degree and then return to school to pursue a teaching certificate in their major field of study.

Others may have graduated, gone into the work force, and later decided that they want to have a career in teaching.

In these, and perhaps other instances, the solution may be to return to college to complete the needed coursework to obtain a teaching certificate from their State Board of Education.

Please note: There is NO POST-BACC option at BYU-Idaho. If you find yourself in one of the above situations, you will need to seek alternative licensing pathways through some other institution. Here are a few ideas and places that might be helpful:

Western Governor's

Links to State by State Licensure information
Alternate pathways to Idaho Teacher Certifcation