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Where will I be able to do my student teaching?

BYU-Idaho has several student teaching sites set up outside of Idaho. A list of these sites can be found here.
Local" Student Teaching Placements can be made anywhere from Pocatello, Idaho to Ashton, Idaho. Local placements are usually restricted to married students. It would be very unusual to get a local placement if you are single unless you have children or other dependents for whom you are responsible who live locally.

If I am Student Teaching and I am having difficulties with my placement who can I talk to?

Although BYU-Idaho makes every effort to match its student teachers with Master Teachers for their student teaching experience, sometimes there can be personality conflicts or other difficulties which make it very difficult for the student teacher to thrive and benefit from their student teaching experience. Although these situations are RARE, if this happens to you, and you have concerns about your student teaching placement you should immediately discuss the situation with your UNIVERSITY SUPERVISOR.

Other questions about student teaching?

Check out the separate link to the student teaching portion of this website.