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What are the requirements to graduate in Biology Education?

Biology Education 800 Major
Biology Education 805 Major
Biology Education Minor
There are also Exit Exams and Proficiencies which must be demonstrated. See this link for information.
In addition information about Education Minors, Endorsements - see information in this document , and here Adding Endorsements after graduation and Certification Requirements is also available.
Successful completion of a Student Teaching semester is also required to graduate with a BS in Biology Education.

How can I find out about the other secondary education majors available on campus

The secondary education content areas in which a student can major at BYU-Idaho are determined by the programs available at the University and the endorsement areas that are recognized by the State of Idaho.
You can find a list of the current areas of Secondary education in which you can major in the BYU-Idaho catalog in the Teacher Education Section.

Currently there are more areas in which you can minor in education than there are in which you can major.

What education minors are offered at BYU-I?

Here's the available list.