Questions Regarding Advising

How do I know who my advisor is?

Your advisor is listed on your MYBYUI page, Just log into your area and find the name of your advisor.

Where is the Education Academic Discovery center located?

The Education Academic Discovery Center is in the Hinckley Building Room 309 and phone is 496-1566. Their website is

The Colllege of Ag and Life Sciences Discovery Center  is in BEN 240 and their contact information is: (208) 496-9830 |

In addition  this link will show you the location of all Academic Discovery Centers on campus.

Where can I register?

Check here for registration dates.

How can I access my Grad Plan?

Your Grad Plan can be found on the I-Plan Website.

How do I change my major or minor?

Usually, you should be able to change your major and minor through the grad plan system. Make an alternate plan, choose your desired major and minor, create the grad plan, and select "declare this as my plan". If you are having issues with the system, feel free to contact Bro. Haderlie or the advising center for help.

Why is there an advising hold on my registration?

When you are in your second semester of each year in the program, an academic hold will be placed on your registration for the next semester. You will be required to meet with your advisor in a face to face meeting where you can review your graduation plan and other program requirements together. Once you have met with your advisor the registration hold will be removed. The hold will remain and you will NOT be able to register until you do meet with your advisor. When you are about to leave campus for your off-track semester you should meet with your advisor before leaving campus so that you will not have to try to meet with your advisor long distance.

Questions Regarding BYU-Idaho Education Programs

What are the requirements to graduate in Biology Education?

Biology Education 800 Major

Biology Education Minor

Successful completion of a Student Teaching semester is also required to graduate with a BS in Biology Education.

How can I find out about the other secondary education majors available on campus?

The secondary education content areas in which a student can major at BYU-Idaho are determined by the programs available at the University and the endorsement areas that are recognized by the State of Idaho.

You can find a list of the current areas of Secondary education in which you can major in the BYU-Idaho catalog in the  Teacher Education Section.

Currently there are more areas in which you can minor in education than there are in which you can major.

What education minors are offered at BYU-I?

The education minors offered at BYU-Idaho can be found on the BYU-I website.

Questions Regarding Teacher Certification

What states have reciprocal certification agreements with Idaho?

Most states in the US have reciprocal agreements with Idaho. These agreements will give you provisional certification in the other states once you have received an Idaho Teaching Certificate. If, however, you move to another state and begin teaching, that new state will most likely have additional requirements that you must meet before you can be fully credentialed in that state. For instance, the other state may have a higher cut off score for the Praxis II Exam than is required in the State of Idaho. This may make it necessary for you to retake the Praxis II exam if your score does not meet the higher standard required by your new state of residence.

In addition some states require additional coursework that was not required in Idaho or they may require courses specific to the state in which you are residing such as a history class covering the history of your new area of residence.

In order to find out the specific requirements of these other states in regards to how you can be fully certified you will need to contact the State Office of Education in that state, You will usually have 3 years to comply with your state of residence's certification requirements before your provisional certification expires or runs out.

Here is a link that shows what Idaho would require you to do to be certified in Idaho if you had received your original teacher certification from another state.

A list of States and Canadian Provinces with which Idaho has reciprocal Agreements can be found here.

This link will take you to a site where you can access any of the 50 states teacher certification requirements.

Information at this link explains how these interstate agreements work.

Are there other requirements for certification other than graduating with my BS?

YES! You need to take and pass with a score of 139 or better the PRAXIS II Exam in Biology Content Knowledge ( Test #5235) and the associated PRAXIS II Exam for your minor.

You also must pass the technology and literacy assessments, show proof of performance before student teaching, and pass all components in an approved student teaching experience.

Which tests are required for each certification area?

When are tests offered?

Computer-based test

Paper test

General Information about the Praxis II Exams

You also need to pass ALL of your science and education classes with a C- or better. No D grades will count toward your degree.

What will I be qualified to teach after graduation?

Upon receiving your Biology education degree (800) from BYU-Idaho you will be eligible to teach Biology in grades 6-12 and you will also be eligible to teach in your education minor subject area in grades 6-12.

What is my responsibility in the certification process?

Applying for Teacher Certification is a POST GRADUATE activity. Once you have officially graduated with your education degree you can then begin the process of applying for teacher certification.

Sister Carol Frongner can help you in some ways but the main responsibility is yours. She is there to help you verify that you have indeed met the requirements for certification but she does not fill out any applications for you, that is your responsibility.

This link will take you to an instruction checklist and information sheet on how to apply for teacher certification in the State of Idaho.

If you plan to apply for certification in other states these links will be helpful: BYU-Idaho Information on certifying in other states.

This link can take you to each state for information. Also see this link for information on how BYU-Idaho can help.

What areas of endorsement are available in Idaho and what are the certification requirements for them?

Here is a link where you can check out State Certification Requirements.

Questions Regarding Student Teaching

Where will I be able to do my student teaching?

BYU-Idaho has several student teaching sites set up outside of Idaho.

Local" Student Teaching Placements can be made anywhere from Pocatello, Idaho to Ashton, Idaho. You will interview with these schools and then offered a placement from them. There are no exceptions or alternative sites at which a student teaching experience is allowed.

If I am Student Teaching and I am having difficulties with my placement who can I talk to?

Although BYU-Idaho makes every effort to match its student teachers with Master Teachers for their student teaching experience, sometimes there can be personality conflicts or other difficulties which make it very difficult for the student teacher to thrive and benefit from their student teaching experience. Although these situations are RARE, if this happens to you, and you have concerns about your student teaching placement you should immediately discuss the situation with your UNIVERSITY SUPERVISOR.

Other questions about student teaching?

Check out the separate link to the student teaching portion of this website.

Questions Regarding the Praxis II Exam

What is the Praxis II Exam and why do I have to take it?

The  PAXIS II Exam can be thought of an exit exam from an education program. It is a requirement for teacher certification that has come about as a result of the Federal Government's No Child Left Behind Act which requires that all teachers be highly qualified.

Each state is free to set its own level of acceptable performance on each PRAXIS II Exam. The State of Idaho has set the level for a passing score on the Biology Content Exam  (#235) at 139.

When should I take the Praxis II Exam?

You must pass the PRAXIS II Exam BEFORE you student teach. Ideally, you should complete and pass it before you apply and interview for student teaching. 

Check the Educational Testing Service Praxis  website for information and when and where exams are offered and to register to take the exam.

When you register for the Praxis II test you will need to tell them where to send your scores. You should have them send your scores to yourself and to BYU-Idaho. The University needs a copy of your score so that we can recommend you to the State of Idaho for Teacher Certification.

Which Praxis Exam(s) do I need to take?

For Biology you will take the Biology Content Exam  (#0235).

How do I sign up to take the Praxis II Exam?

Visit this website to register for the Praxis Exam.