SAE Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Contact our student leaders, or download our application form (PDF) to apply to join our leadership councill.

President Bryson Betty 208-252-0384
Vice President Mackey Asher 307-203-5199
Secretary/Treasurer Armando Guerrero 521773700593
Public Relations Committee Chairperson Seth Carstens 971-713-9474
Public Relations Committee Members Dillon Barnes 208-569-8520
Gianfranco Antola 914-826-6276
Social Committee Chairperson Dan Wenzel 208-871-7370
Social Committee Co-Chairperson Kendra Stoker 208-260-1995
Social Committee Members Seren Ward 803-620-1304
Benjamin Glosenger 301-676-4171
Service Committee Chairperson Travis Nicholas 720-431-4581
Service Committee Members Benjamin Rodgers 803-412-4137
Hunter Jensen 916-990-5077
Jamison Wilcox 860-485-8666