Vince Bodily


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  • BFA, Utah State University, 1979
  • MFA, Brigham Young University, 1982
  • Ricks College and BYU-Idaho, 1989-Present (2014)


Becoming an artist became an imagined possibility in the seventh grade when Vince Bodily was inspired by his teacher Bob Whitney, embedding an ongoing commitment to the human head and figure. This seed was nurtured and developed at Utah State University into a more expressive and formalistic approach under the instruction of Adrian Van Suchtelen. About ten years ago, Bro. Bodily became interested in head and figure painting, adding another dimension to his passion to reference the human body as a structural architecture for images. Despite his proclivities towards formalistic draftsmanship and painting, where playing with various media, art elements, and pictorial space is important, he desires to connect at some emotional level with each viewer. Bro. Bodily is also interested in non-representational painting and works towards merging the expressive beauty of intuitive markmaking with representational form. He has taught at Ricks College and BYU-Idaho from 1989 until the present. He is married to the lovely Susan Southwick. They are most grateful for their four adult children and grandchildren-masterpieces beyond compare. 

Courses Taught:

Bro. Bodily has taught a variety of courses during his tenure at Ricks College and BYU-Idaho, including Art Appreciation, Art History, Basic Drawing, Basic Design, Basic Sculpture, Expressive Drawing, and Foundations Humanities. Currently he plans to cycle through the following courses, consisting of courses he has previously taught:

  • Painting I
  • Painting II
  • Painting III
  • Expressive Drawing
  • Expressive Painting
  • Figure Drawing
  • Readings (Art Theory)

Brother Bodily's Recent Work:

charcoal and ink drawing of a man with a mustache

Self Portrait


semi nude male torso in ink and charcoal

Figure drawing of male torso in ink and charcoal

Male torso from the back, drawing in ink and charcoal

charcoal and ink drawing of male torso

B. Cumorah




G. Vessel