Sharon Duque


Phone Number   208-496-4918
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Address   316A SPO


  • Art History, B.A. University of California, Davis, 1985
  • Art History, M.A. University of California, Davis, 1988


  • Art History (especially 20th Century), ceramics, and tennis

Courses Taught:


  • Art 201 (Art History 1)
  • Art 202 (Art History 2)
  • Art 402 (Baroque Art)
  • Art 403 (Ninteenth Century Art)
  • Art 404 (Twentieth Century Art)

Sharon Duque's Work:

When I was a high school student in Northern California taking AP Art Studio, my art teacher, while discussing Cubism with me, said, "It's scary how much you don't know about art." I've been trying to remedy that ever since! I took my first art history class from Brother Raish at BYU, and I've been studying art history and visiting art museums throughout Europe and the U.S. ever since.

ceramic sculpture of a mother and child

Mother and Child (ceramic and gold leaf), 1991


Sustenance (ceramic and glaze), 1992

abstract ceramic sculpture of a tidal pool

Tide Pool (ceramic, glaze, and sea glass), 2004

abstract sculpture

Wave (ceramic and glaze), 2005

abstract sculpture of a leaf

Oak Leaf (ceramic and glaze), 2010

abstract sculpture of an owl

Hand-Dipped Owl, 2013, ceramic and glaze

abstract sculpture of an elongated face

Face Vase X (Disconsolate), 2014, ceramic and red iron oxide

Aegean Sea face vase

Face Vase XI (Flat Top), 2014, raku-fired ceramic

abstract sculpture of a face with small lips

Face Vase VI (Aegean Sea), 2014, raku-fired ceramic