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The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree is a specialized professional degree, which allows students to investigate their chosen studio emphasis area in as much depth as a bachelor's degree allows. Acceptance into the BFA degree is based on an application/portfolio review. This application process occurs at the end of a students' sophomore year. The BFA degree requires more credit hours within the discipline than the standard (BA) degree. Because of the credit requirements, a minor is not allowed for students who pursue the BFA. The BFA degree culminates in an exhibition or project overseen by a mentor(s). Completion of this project/exhibition to the standards of the BFA committee members is required to graduate with the BFA degree.

Students receiving a 3D BFA will develop technical skills in various ceramic and sculptural forming methods including throwing, hand building, mold making, assemblage and figure modeling. They also receive instruction on the historical context of 3D Art.Each student will develop a portfolio and exhibit a body of work for graduation. Students will be prepared to become studio artists, apply for internships, residencies and graduate school.

Recommended Course Schedule Bachelor of Fine Art-Three-Dimensional Studies

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