Sales and Services

Meat and Egg Sales

Frozen Sausage






Turkey Legs




Pork Chops


NOTE: Meat sales are mainly in session at the end of the semester and are subject to change. Sales information will be updated with each semester.

Our eggs are all produced from our flock at the AgScience Center. Meat is produced by our students in our state-of-the-art processing facility. As this is all produced by our students, availability is limited.

If you bring back the cartons from 5 dozen eggs, then you can receive a free dozen eggs!

Off-Campus Facilities

Van Service

We have a van service to take students to our off-campus facility free of cost. In order to take the van, you must be at the roundabout by the MC 15 minutes before your class starts. If you have questions, call the department secretary at 208-496-4521, or visit STC 320A for more information.


Our off-campus facilities are located at 5360 W. Highway 33.