Young Professionals


BYU-Idaho Young Professionals leverage the power of the alumni network to find mentors and make connections. This group recruits and mentors the Peer Professionals group and manages the on-campus meetings, LinkedIn group, and networking excursions.


This group is comprised of mainly junior and seniors but is open to freshmen and sophomores who demonstrate they are prepared for the additional responsibility. This group is designed to bring together students of all majors and degrees of study with at least one representative from each academic society.


Meetings are held on campus. Any additional interactions occur on the LinkedIn Open Group.


Participation in this group will lead to meaningful connections with alumni professionals and fellow students. This will help you advance your network, increase your connections, and improve your employability.

How to join

  • Fill out the BYUI-Idaho Professionals Group Membership Form
  • Contact the Alumni Office for a meeting schedule
  • Demonstrate activity in the BYU-Idaho Peer Professionals group by posting at least one original article on the LinkedIn group page and attending at least five of the on-campus meetings


  • Watch the networking videos on this page
  • Join the BYU-Idaho Professionals group on LinkedIn
  • Actively participate on the LinkedIn Private Group page by posting and commenting on articles
  • Interact appropriately with others in the group
  • Attend monthly group meetings
  • Write and share at least one original article with the LinkedIn group
  • Fulfill assigned commitments
A Guy wear a suit Link to the video

Networking 101 | 5 Steps to Networking Effectively: BYU-Idaho alumni Christopher Galbraith and Mikhail Christiansen share 5 key steps to networking effectively including where to get started and common networking pitfalls to avoid.

Christopher Galbraith Link to the video

Networking Through Informational Interviews: Christopher Galbraith explains how to approach networking through informational interviews. Chris tells his story of how he landed his dream job on Wall Street by conducting informational interviews.

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