BYU-Idaho Professionals are alumni who are part of a growing network that supports the university's mission, particularly in helping with career placement and professional development. Members of the network help current students find internships and post-graduation careers. They can also network with other alumni, including those who are active members of BYU-Idaho Professionals. Additionally, they may assist students seeking admission to a graduate/professional schools.

Their primary responsiblities include:

1. Serving as a university contact in their current company and community.

2. Participating as a mentor in the university’s online community and mentor tool BYUI Connect.

3. Joining the BYU-Idaho Professional group on LinkedIn. (Note: This is a private group. To learn more, click here)

4. Having an active profile and presence on Handshake. (The university’s job board)

5. Support the local Internship and Career Services missionaries in select areas.

6. Collaborate with local BYU Management Society chapters (if applicable).

This group is supported by the BYU-Idaho Future Professionals, a group of current students who proactively use the campus resources and alumni network to make connections, find mentors, and secure internships as well as post-graduation employment.

If you are interested in volunteering as a BYU-Idaho Professional, please contact Rob Ahrendsen at  (208) 496-9811 or send an e-mail to We are actively seeking BYU-Idaho Professionals in all areas.

Directory of BYU-Idaho Professionals
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