What is theatre?

Theatre arts include acting, directing, playwriting, costuming, set design, and literature. Students study human ideas, values, relationships, obsessions and accomplishments through practical experimentation, so they can present human experiences to audiences for both entertainment and enlightenment.

Why should I consider majoring in theatre?

Students of theatre receive a well-rounded theatre education from both experiential learning and coursework. A major portion of student experience comes from participation in theatrical productions. BYU-Idaho's program offers training in various aspects of theatre including technical theatre, acting, directing, dance, dramatic literature, playwriting, and stage management.

What interests and values are related to theatre?

Theatre students usually have a desire to express themselves and have an interest in aesthetics. They are creative, determined and imaginative. Theatre students must also have dedication, confidence and physical stamina.

What career fields are related to theatre?

  • Drama, Theatre Arts & Stagecraft
  • Stage Actor
  • Costume Designer
  • Film Editor
  • Drama Therapist
  • Casting Director
  • Set Designer
  • Stage Manager
  • Talent Manager
  • Playwright
  • Teacher

How can I learn more about theatre?

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