What is interior design?

Interior design is the art or practice of planning and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors and their furnishings. Students learn basic architectural principles and how interior spaces function within an architectural context. They also explore the relationships between people and space, as they learn how to design commercial, institutional, recreational and residential facilities. Students develop competency in specific interior design subject areas such as graphic communication, theory, lighting, environmental technology, interior materials and interior construction systems, as they learn how to creatively solve interior design problems.

Why should I consider majoring in interior design?

The interior design major prepares students for the profession of interior design by developing the skills necessary: identity, research, and creative problem solving pertaining to the function and quality of the interior environment. Students use specialized knowledge of interior construction, building codes, equipment, materials and furnishings to perform services related to interior spaces, including design analysis, and space and aesthetic planning. They also prepare drawings and documents in relation to the design of interior spaces in order to enhance and protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

What interests and values are related to interior design?

Interior design students should be able to work under a strict budget, while maintaining a creative and motivated attitude. They should have an ability to continually develop new ideas, thinking of the safety and satisfaction of the customer. Students should also have an interest in culture and heritage.

What career fields are related to interior design?

  • Design & Applied Arts
  • Graphic Design/Commercial Art/Illustration
  • Interior Architecture
  • Business and Office Interior Designer
  • Home Interior Designer
  • Interior Design

How can I learn more about interior design?

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