What is horticulture?

Horticulture is the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers or ornamental plants. Horticulturists combine scientific knowledge and technical skills to grow plants. They discover new knowledge about plants, develop technology, and manage public and private organizations involved in plant production, sale and use.

Why should I consider majoring in horticulture?

Horticulture prepares students for expanding career opportunities with nurseries, garden centers, florist shops, floral wholesalers, plant and flower brokers, landscape contractors, lawn service companies, interiorscape companies, greenhouses, golf courses, parks and horticulture supply companies. Demand for graduates is strong and most students can choose from several job offers. Students who seek advanced degrees find opportunities in research, teaching, extension education and government service. The ultimate goal of students entering horticulture programs should be management or business ownership.

What interests and values are related to horticulture?

Horticulture students should desire to improve the environment by using plants. They should want to operate a plant-related business.

What career fields are related to horticulture?

  • Agricultural & Biological Engineering
  • Botany & Plant Biology
  • Ecology & Conservation Biology
  • Horticulture Operations & Management
  • Horticulture Science

How can I learn more about horticulture?

Occupational Outlook Handbook

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