What is English?

The English major can have many different concentrations: literature, education, creative writing, technical writing, and linguistics. The study of English involves imagination, creativity, a passion for reading and literature, great attention to detail, and a love of language and how it works.

Why should I consider majoring in English?

English majors learn to think, speak, and write effectively. While in school, they learn to express their ideas coherently, to understand and create several different meanings in a piece of literature, and to write them down with clarity and precision. In the work place, English majors might be aware of several points of view in a situation and should be able to articulate them to co-workers and employers. English majors gain a specific knowledge of grammar, mechanics, and editing. People who study English are sensitive to the use and misuse of the English language and understand the responsibility to use language ethically and productively. An English degree provides students with a strong understanding of how textbooks, magazines, newspapers, films, and advertising interplay in the world. English students graduate with a sophisticated level of literacy, understanding concepts such as theme, symbolism, and metaphor.

What interests and values are related to English?

English majors usually enjoy reading and writing, and are interested in developing language, grammar, communication, and problem-solving skills. Students of English usually have a great imagination and a curiosity about other cultures, lifestyles, and time periods.

What career fields are related to English?

  • Writing/Editing (Journalism, Creative, Free-lance or Technical Writing)
  • Teaching (Public or Private Schools, Universities or Colleges, Libraries)
  • Publishing (Magazines/Books/Newspapers)
  • Advertising/Public Relations (Copy Writing, Agent)
  • Law
  • Business/Industry (Management, Sales/Marketing, Human Resources, Retail)
  • Government/Nonprofit (Speech or Grant writer, Fundraiser)

How can I learn more about English?

Occupational Outlook Handbook

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