What is Elementary Education?

The study of students from the grade levels of Kindergarten to Eight grade. Elementary Education will teach you many different methods, or schools of thought, that relate to education. Elementary Education is responsible for a basic basis of education for every student. Elementary Education prepares students for teaching children through a series of classes designed to give students the practical knowledge they need to be successful in their careers. Students successfully completing the program will be eligible to apply for a K-8 Idaho Education Teaching License.

Why should I consider majoring in Elementary Education?

You might like this major if you like working with children. Every day you spend in the classroom working with students from Kindergarten to Eight grade. You will help shape and mold the minds of students who are just beginning their educational career. You will study a broad span of subjects from English to Science, Math to History, in order to teach the students that you are teaching.

What will I learn from studying Elementary Education?

As an Elementary Education major you will learn how to work with and teach students ranging from about age 5-12. You will also learn the importance of class planning, as well as lesson planning, and curriculum creating. You will learn a broad group of subjects, which will prepare you for all that is required to teach through grades K-8.

What interests and values are related to Elementary Education?

  • Teaching others
  • Studying many different types of subjects
  • Looking at child development and psychological theories
  • Learning new things daily Creating new and inventive teaching strategies
  • Working independently to create lesson plans and curriculums
  • Working within a group, or with other teachers, to better help students
  • Written and Oral communication skills Elementary Education major should also be prepared to adapt teaching styles to each individual student, to better help them in their learning.

What career fields are related to Elementary Education?

  • Secondary Education
  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • Speech Pathology Professional Preschool Education Special Education Child Development

How can I learn more about Elementary Education?

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