What is Art Education Composite?

As an Art Education Composite Major you will learn how to teach art in public k-12 education. The program has two major components.  First is a list of required studio art, art history.  The second is a list of required education core courses and art education courses.  The studio art and art history courses focus on developing art knowledge and skills.  The education core and art education courses focus on topics such as lesson planning, curriculum development, applying studio processes learned in college studio art courses to public k-12 art teaching, classroom and materials management, assessment, presentation skills, among various other education topics.  You will also gain experience teaching art in an early field experience and finish the degree with a final semester of student teaching.

Why should I consider majoring in Art Education Composite?

The Art Education Composite will prepare you to certify to teach art in k-12 education.  It can also prepare you to teach in charter or private schools.  This degree does not prepare you to teach in higher education or college-level teaching.

What will I learn from studhying Art Education Composite?

Art Teachers must be skilled in various art genres and with numerous materials in order to teach a range of art styles. They must have knowledge of art history and an understanding of abstract concepts. Art Teachers also must be able to spot and cultivate talent and help all students discover their creativity. (Education-portal.com)

What interests and values are related to Art Education Composite?

  • Have good health and physical stamina
  • Be able to work well with others
  • Have good organizational skills
  • Be motivated to help others succeed
  • Have excellent Communication Skills
  • Be a Leader

What career fields are related to Art Education Composite?

  • Teacher, Elementary School
  • Teacher, Hearing Impaired
  • Teacher, Physically Impaired
  • Teacher, Visually Impaired
  • Teacher, Emotionally Impaired
  • Teacher, Mentally Impaired
  • Teacher, Vocational Training
  • Children's Tutor
  • Artist
  • Recreation Leader

How can I learn more about Art Education Composite?

Occupational Outlook Handbook

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