Recreational Leagues

Recreational Sports offers the opportunity for individuals to play organized sports in a recreational atmosphere within their campus community. They have the ability to recreate in a social environment, and have fun with fellow participants as they play a sport they are familiar with or learn new sport skills thereby enabling all to participate. Leagues are formatted for either team or individual competition. (Requires a commitment of 1 hour per week for the length of the season)


Short-term sporting events (tournaments, races, showcases, etc.). (Requires a commitment for the event timeline, typically completed in one day)

Competitive Leagues

Competitive Sports is an integral part of the Student Activities Program. Student leaders for each Competitive Sport plan, develop, govern and administer that particular sport, with professional guidance from that sport’s Advisor. The key to the success of this program and each sport is student leadership, interest, involvement, and participation. (Requires a commitment of 6-10 hours per week for practices and competitions) Teams are determined through an open tryout.  Players must attend the tryout(s) to be eligible for a team.