Who is eligible to participate in sports activities?

Recreational Sports: Matriculating students and their spouse, Full time employees and ecclesiastical leaders.
Events & Classes: Matriculating students and their spouse, Full time employees and ecclesiastical leaders.
Competitive Sports: Only matriculating students and their spouses.

Frequently asked questions

How do I become an official?

Just email James Bolen at bolenj@byui.edu.

Who's in charge and how can I talk to them?

Either you can come into the office (MC 101) or email sports@byui.edu. You can always talk to the leads and games managers on the field.

What is the easiest way to sign up for/create a team?

Go to https://campusrec.byui.edu/DivisionRegistration. If you need additional help, please come to the Activities Office (MC 101), email sports@byui.edu or call 208.496.7300

Is there a participation fee?

Recreational Sports participation fees: Range $3- $10 depending upon full semester leagues, partial leagues, and tournaments you sign up for. There will also be a charge if the team forfeits a game. Competitive Sports fees: range from $20-$45. (All fees are listed on the site as you go to register)

What is the dress code?

With any indoor activities, you are required to wear BYU-I approved issue shirts and shorts (sweatpants don't need to be approved). For any outdoor sports activities you are not required to wear the approved clothing, but clothing needs to be modest. No rolled-up or cut-off sleeves, pants that are too tight, not too short, see-through, bright-colored, or patterned. Make sure your pants blend in with the rest of the patrons and are appropriate for the sports you are playing. With Competitive sports, you are required to wear the uniform for their games.

Is there a suggestion box?

You are welcome to send emails to sports@byui.edu or stop by the Activities Office (MC 101).

What happens when I receive a misconduct?

Our Compliance Lead will contact you through your school email to set up a meeting to discuss the reported misconduct. Our protocol is to suspend anyone receiving a misconduct from all Sports until the individual meets with the compliance lead. In this meeting, you will have the opportunity to council with the compliance lead to make sure we understand your side of the story. During this meeting, we will determine the process to facilitate your return to play.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved and be part of the Sports Program. There are volunteer and paid positions. Go to http://www.byui.edu/activities/get-involved to learn more.

Where is the Sports Campus Recreation office?

We are located in MC 129, the Campus Recreation Office 1st floor southwest corner of the Manwaring center next to the roundabout.