Accounting Tax Review Service Center

File your taxes for free! 

Completing your first tax return by yourself can seem daunting.  It’s not as bad as you might think and student volunteers, majoring in accounting, want to help you become self-sufficient tax filers.  We’re pleased to announce FreeTaxUSA’s sponsorship of BYU-Idaho’s free volunteer tax review service center. 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Visit to start working on your tax return.  (Most forms and schedules are supported, except international forms)

Step 2:  Stop by the volunteer tax review service center (FEB 6 – MAR 31, Monday through Friday, 3-5pm, in SMI 330) and have your return reviewed by a student volunteer.

Step 3:  Once you are ready to file and are at the payment screen the student volunteer will enter a code removing the charge of one state tax return (federal return is already free).

Step 4:  E-file your federal and state returns at the center or at home. 

Step 5:  Treat yourself to some ice cream (or other goodie) for a job well done. 


  1. Do I have to visit the center to get the discount?
    You need to visit the center in SMI 330 or on via zoom on Wednesdays from 3-5pm (Zoom ID = 9963160987).  Using the tax software’s “bookmark” feature will allow you make notes of those items you need to ask questions about when you visit the center.
  2. What happens if I file in more than one state?
    You will get one free state tax return through this service. Any additional state tax return is $14.99, the first part of the season, and a little more expensive starting sometime in March.
  3. Can I bring my documents to the center for the student volunteer to complete my return for me?
    One goal of the center is to help you become a self-sufficient tax filer.  They can help if you have questions about how you’ve entered information or why a credit doesn’t seem to work, but they won’t be preparing your return.
  4. What happens if I want additional reassurances that my tax return is correct?
    FreeTaxUSA has a free helpline for questions and other paid services to give you peace of mind.
  5. Is the student volunteer considered a paid-tax preparer?
    They are volunteers helping visitors in the center.  They are not professionals and are not licensed by the state or IRS.  They nor Brigham Young University-Idaho shall be held liable for inaccurate tax returns.    
  6. Are computers provided at the site?
    Student visitors are expected to bring their laptops to help the student volunteer review the return.
  7. Can I just give the volunteer my username and password so they can review it on their own time?
    Your username and password should be kept confidential.  You would login to your account and then show the volunteer your return/questions.
  8. What are the student volunteer qualifications?
    They are accounting students who have taken or are taking a tax class focused on individual taxation or have other relevant experience.

*If you do not have a document reader, we recommend  Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.