The primary focus of the BYU-Idaho Accounting Department is to provide students with a variety of learning experiences that will help them prepare to make immediate contributions in the workforce and to succeed in graduate studies. The design of the integrated Accounting major allows the students opportunities to complement their skills and abilities in accounting with the knowledge gained from their other disciplines. The BYU-Idaho Accounting Department seeks to develop students with the analytical skills that will allow them to recognize and anticipate important accounting issues and the technical skills that will allow them to deal effectively with those issues. The department offers a strong core curriculum that provides students with a solid understanding of the principles of accounting and a foundation on which to build.

Significant methods and desired outcomes of the department are listed below.

  • Rigorous and demanding courses will help students gain technical skills and knowledge in a wide variety of areas of accounting, including financial accounting, managerial accounting, accounting information systems, tax accounting, and auditing.
  • The coursework provides each student an opportunity to utilize current methods and tools of the trade for the accounting profession, including computer technology, accounting software, and accounting standards, auditing standards, and tax law databases.
  • A meaningful internship experience is required for each student during the Junior or Senior year which will enhance the quality of their education in courses at BYU-Idaho and prepare a foundation for their future employment choices.