Weighted Categories

A percent weight is assigned for each grading category.


  • Students are directly aware of the emphasis placed on each grading category.
  • You do not have to plan the point values necessary to achieve your desired emphasis on specific course activities.


  • A "point" in one grading category is not equivalent to a "point" in another category, thus point values attached to items can be misleading.

Point System

"Weighting" still occurs, based on point values assigned to graded items.  Categories may be used.  The "weight" of a category is determined by the total number of points assigned to items in the category.


  • The points possible assigned to a graded item notifies students of the emphasis placed on that item.
  • A point in one grading category has the same value as a point in other categories.


  • Students may not be aware of the grading emphasis on a category.
  • Point values for each graded item must be carefully selected to ensure your desired emphasis occurs.

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