The Reading Center not only provides the Study Buddy Program, but it also offers specific courses to help students become effective readers.

Students can register for any of these courses.

ENG 100 (2 credits)

This elective class is formulated to help students become efficient college readers through the process of focusing on improving phonics, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills and strategies.

ENG 102r (variable credit 0.5-2)

This class is a great filler class if you need an extra credit or two. It is not an English class, and there is no traditional class time. Students instead work with a Reading Center Tutor throughout the semester to improve reading and learning on assignments from other classes. In each appointment, students are taught a reading comprehension skill or strategy and given homework to complete to show competence in that strategy.

ENG 107 (3 credits)

This is a great refresher course for students who are returning from a mission or just entering college for the first time. This course focuses on students applying reading strategies and critical thinking skills to collegiate readings. This is accomplished through the combination of reading, speaking, and writing activities.