Little Known Facts about Math 101

Each semester 25-35% of Math 101 students receive D's or F's for final grades. Understanding that Math 101 is a preparatory course for college level math  makes that a concerning number.

What can I do?

Students who are  thinking about taking Math 101 or who have already enrolled should ask of themselves the following questions:

  • Do you struggle with math?
  • Has it been a few years since you've had a math class?
  • Is your history with math something you'd like to forget?
  • Do you have a learning disability?
  • Does the idea of taking a math class make you uncomfortable?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you may consider taking one of the sections of Math 101 offered through the Math Academic Learning Center.

What is the Difference?

This is not an easier course, but it offers more support for the struggling math student.

  • We cover the same material and take the same tests as other Math 101 classes.
  • Our faculty is specially trained to teach students who struggle.
  • We meet four days a week (MWThF) which allows us to move at a slower pace.
  • We assign more homework than other Math 101 classes.
  • Our students are required to work with a tutor regularly as part of their grade.
  • In order to reinforce good study habits, a greater portion of your grade is weighed by attendance, tutoring, and homework.

How do I Sign Up?

These courses are not listed in the Class Schedule so that students with the greatest need will fill these seats. If you are interested, you need to make an appointment with one of our professors.

This can be done by:

  • Emailing the professor.
  • Coming to the Academic Learning front desk on the 2nd floor of the library.
  • Or by calling 496-4721

Please remember that these courses are reserved for those students in need. They should not be taken simply for scheduling convenience.

What if I'm already in a Math 101 Class?

Students already enrolled in a Math 101 class may transfer to our sections as long as they do it before the deadline. Some students wait until they fail the first test in 101. At that point it is too late in the semester. You need to make a decision based on your past math experiences. Thus, if math has always been a struggle, this is the course for you. The transfer deadline is one week after the beginning of the semester for fall and winter, and by the second class period for summer terms.

What if I Missed the Deadline, or I Need Help with Math 101?

There are still ways to get help--

  • Come to the Math Tutoring Center on the 2nd floor of the library
  • Sign up for a free personal tutor
  • The Math Academic Learning professors can give additional guidance

Make sure to use these excellent resources available to you. You do not want to become a statistic at the end of the semester like the ones mentioned above, and you don't want to waste anymore time getting into your college level math requirements.