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The study buddy program is a free tutoring opportunity for ESL students who want to get assistance with the learning process. It involves helping students become better learners by introducing and emphasizing study skills, reading strategies and other guides. We understand sometimes college life gets overwhelming, that is why this program is here to help improve your college experience. If you need course specific help, visit with your TA or the Tutoring Center.

  • Through the study buddy program, students work with tutors to
  • Improve study habits and techniques
  • Enhance writing, speaking, listening, and reading proficiency
  • Prepare for any class assessments as well as standardized tests (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, ACTFL, or GRE).

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A Study Buddy:  Builds students’ confidence in reading, speaking, listening, and studying. Understands and creates personalized lessons for each student. Demonstrates effective goal setting and actualization. Directs students on how to use available learning resources. Your academic success is the tutor’s priority.