How can my spouse sign up for free tutoring at the English Transitional Center?

Spouses need an I-number to sign up for appointments. To get an I-number, visit the Kimball building on campus. After getting an I-number, email etc@byui.edu to get set up with a tutor, or call the supervisor’s desk at (208) 496-4290.

Are there any textbooks required for ENG 109 or 108 courses?

Check with the professor when registering for the course.

Do I have to be an international student to sign up for tutoring?

You don't have to be an international student. You can sign up for tutoring if you are learning English as a Second Language. If English is not your second language but you need grammar help, contact the Reading Center.

Can I get tutored for specific course content?

We do not tutor in specific course content, but we assist students to learn course materials by teaching them reading strategies.

My spouse doesn’t know any English at all. Can he/she get help from the ETC?

Yes, the ETC will practice speaking with your spouse and help him/her improve.

Can I get a tutor during school breaks?

The ETC is closed during all school breaks.

What should I wear for my appointment?

You are expected to follow the BYU-Idaho Dress and Grooming Standards.

If something comes up and I can’t make it to my appointment, what do I do?

Call the supervisor’s desk twelve hours before your appointment to cancel and set up a makeup appointment with your tutor. If something comes up less than twelve hours before your appointment, contact your tutor directly.

What if I don’t show up for my appointment?

If you're taking one of the classes for credit, you need to contact your tutor as soon as possible for a makeup appointment. For the study buddy program, if you miss three consecutive appointments without contacting your tutor each time you miss, you might be dropped from the program.

If I do not show up for an appointment, is my tutor obligated to reschedule?

First you must inform your tutor ahead of time if you will miss an appointment. Tutors may reschedule an appointment with you or if they are busy, find another tutor to do a one-time appointment with you. However, tutors are not obligated to reschedule especially if they have a busy semester.

Can I get help with preparing for TOEFL, GRE, or any other standardized tests?

Yes. Through the study buddy program that the ETC offers, you can get tutoring help.

Can I get tutoring help as an online student?

Unfortunately, the ETC is not offering tutoring sessions to online students. We only work with on-campus students.

Can I request remote tutoring appointments?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, students have the option to request remote appointments if they are quarantined, sick, taking care of sick family members, or have other extenuating circumstances. This option will continue until further notice. However, the preferred method is face-to-face tutoring.