University societies can also apply for special one-time society activities (not ongoing events). For travel to professional conferences up to $200 is available per student (20 students maximum). Students must also have “skin in the game” and contribute at least 25% towards the total cost (either through dues or participation charges).

Requests are reviewed the society’s associate dean of faculty development using the following criteria:

  • Academic Alignment –The activity must clearly enhance student learning, professional growth, and career preparation related to the society’s purpose. Funds are not for social, recreational, service, or other “well-being” types of activities.
  • Academic Support – Sponsoring departments or programs should value the activity. The Office of Faculty Development will provide funding only after the department and/or college provides significant funding. University societies do not have sponsoring departments and must demonstrate the value to the Dean of Faculty Development.
  • Frugality and Value – Activities should demonstrate good stewardship of resources by finding a balance between cost and value. Travel and activity funds should be used wisely.
  • Student Investment – Students should pay at least 25% of the cost of the event to demonstrate they value the activity and are willing to financially contribute.
  • One-time – Special funding requests are for unusual single events. Regular ongoing society activities should stay within the budget of allocated funds and student dues.
  • Not Guaranteed –Previous funding support does not guarantee the same level of support in the future. Funding allocations may vary from year-to-year depending the number of requests, available funds, etc.
  • Reporting – Allocated funds will not be transferred to the academic society until a short report about the activity has been submitted to the Office of Faculty Development

The faculty advisor applies for these funds using the online FDRA form. This online form is used for several types of funding requests and some fields will not be applicable to an academic society. If you have questions, feel free to call Shirley Hawkes in the Office of Faculty Development at ex. 2400.

  1. Open the Faculty Development Resource Application (FDRA).
  2. Under “Submit Your Application (For Faculty Use),” click on “My Applications.”
  3. Create a new application and complete the information about you. In the “Faculty Information” section, you will see this question, “Which of the following are you requesting?” You should check “Other,” and not check any other boxes.
  4. A box labeled “Please provide additional details”: will appear. Enter, “I am requesting Academic Society funds.” in the box.
  5. Click Next and fill in the information in the “Proposal Information” section. Be sure to complete the “Background and Preparation,” “Description of Activity,” and “Student Focus/Application” sections. Please provide enough details that the proposal can be judged on the funding principles. Make sure you include your proposed budget and anticipated student fees. You can ignore the other sections unless they are applicable.
  6. Click “Next” and fill out the budget information. Then click “Submit Application for Review.”