Any academic society may charge dues up to $25 per semester per student.  In addition, a society may also collect additional dues that are required for a regional or national professional society with which they are affiliated.

Societies may not conduct fundraising activities on or off-campus.  They are not to solicit money from students or the local community.  Also, academic societies may not sponsor any organization, business, etc. or activities not directly related to the society.

Academic societies sponsored by a department will receive funding from that department. Societies that span several departments or colleges (University Academic Societies) can request $100 per semester to support basic operations and activities from The Office of Faculty Development. To receive this funding, university societies must keep their leadership and meeting information up-to-date using this online Society Leadership and Website Update Form

University Society Traveling Fund:  Funds to support student participation in regional or national conferences my be receved by submitting a completed application. Active members of an academic society may apply for this funding by submitting the Society Traveling Fund application to the Office of Faculty Development.  Student participation in a regional or national conference may include:

a.      participating in a poster session,

b.      competing in a contest,

c.       seeking employment,

d.      seeking internship opportunities, and/or

e.       graduate school admissions fairs and other activities as deemed appropriate.

Funding is based on availability and may be limited in any given academic year. The request is reviewed by the Academic Societies Student Council and then sent to the adminstrator over campus societies for approval. A report of the number of students participating will be required and submitted to the AAVP of Student Connections after the event or travel has taken place.