This article is meant to help you troubleshoot problems with authenticating via phone call. 

If you are trying to access your BYU-Idaho account via phone call, but you never get the call, you can try the following solutions. 

Check Your Phone Connection 

If you have chosen a mobile phone, then make sure that the phone network connection is strong. You need to have connection in order to receive the call. If you are using a landline, please make sure that your phone is connected as well.  


Check Your Default Settings 

If your phone connection is good, but you still don’t receive a phone call: 

1. Access your Duo account online. 

2. Go to My Settings & Devices.  

3. Verify that the phone number that you entered is the correct one.  

4. In addition, underneath the devices you have entered, check the Default Device and make sure that you've selected the correct device as your default.