Body Composition

April 25, 2014
Writer: Brandon Plunkett

Why is it Important to be Tested?

Body Composition:   Describes the different components that make up a person's body weight broken down into fat and lean weight (body fat percenatge). Levels of body fat seem to be related to performance. To increase or decrease your percent of body fat, you need to create the right balance between the calories you consume and the calories you burn. The most effective way to do this is increase your activity level. Aerobic exercise is a very effective way to decrease body fat, however you must combine strength training in order to maintain or gain muscle mass and tone.

What is done with the information gathered?
A report of your fitness assessment will be discussed with you. To objectively identify areas that may require emphasis in your exercise prescription, consideration will be given to the established norms for various levels of physical fitness. The purpose of this assessment is not to place you in a fitness category. Rather, we feel it is more helpful to measure your current physical capacities and compare these with regularly scheduled fitness assessments overtime.