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Event Detail

Top Section

Event Title: Enter the name of the event being featured. This content is treated the same as "Title" mentioned in most Page Types.

Event Details: Describe information about the event here.

Right side image: Content in the "Event Details" web editor will wrap around this image. This image will position itself inside the top right corner of the Event Detail page.

Mid Section

Available Semesters

Available Fall: Check enable if event runs in the fall semester.

Available Winter: Check enable if event runs in the winter semester.

Available Spring: Check enable if event runs in the spring semester.

Gallery Available (deprecated): This is automaticly selected when an gallery image is detected.

Bottom Section


Date: List the dates the event accrues on.

General Information: Additional information about the event can be placed here.

Gallery Images

Images: Insert Image File Components in this list to display a image gallery a the bottom of the Event Detail page.

Left Column Section

Highlighted Links: Insert a Highlighted Links Component to list a set of links under the left navigation of the Event Detail page.