Enable to move "Main Message" to top of page:
Enable to move content in Main Message above the cell components.

Main Message: Additional information you wish to include in the main body area of the Admin Home page can be placed here.

Select number of cell columns: Selecting the number of columns determines the width of the cells that will be displayed in the Admin Home page. The cells will fill in the body area from top left to bottom right.

Cell Column Widths

Cols Pixels
1 710
2 350
3 230

Cell List

Cell: Insert Cell Components in the order you wish to display them. A cell can contain an image, a message area, and a footer link.

Rotating Ads

BannerAd: Insert Banner Ad Components in the order you wish them to rotate. Banner Ads are images that can link to other web pages.

Define Your Events Folder: All CMS Pages that are children of the assigned Folder/CMS Page of this input field should display as calendar events located between the Rotating Ads and Quick Links.

What is displayed is the name of the CMS Page, the given date, and text within the abstract field.

The following list contains compatible pages.

Highlighted Links: Insert a Highlighted Links Component to list a set of links under the left navigation within the left column of the Admin Home page.

Quick Links Group:

Columns 1, 2 & 3: Insert up to three Quick Links Components used to display up to three columns of links at the foot of the Admin Home page.