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CMS Pages can pull in content from other online sources to be used within the web page. The "Insert" element can pull in content from an outside source, such as a web page, or from an internal HTML document, such as an HTML or ASP page.



The URL field is where the user enters the full web address of the web page being linked. If you are not sure what the full address is you can click on the Browse button.


Clicking the Browse button will open a window to preview a web page. In this window the user can enter a web address in the top text field, by typing the address in the same manner commonly performed with in a web browser.  After previewing the web page, the user can click on the Save Address button, saving the correct address in the URL field.

Well Formed

This dropdown menu specifies whether the content to be inserted conforms to XML standards. If the document does not conform to XML standards, selecting Yes will generate an error.

Extract HTML Body

This dropdown menu allows the user to pull only the content contained in a tag. Note a value of Yes will generate an error if the document does not contain a tag.