The Cell Component is used to insert content into a page type in a cell like manner (Left to Right / Top to Bottom). The width of cells are adjusted to fill the space of the web page's body area.

Place Picture on ___ of text: Choose to have the image of this cell placed on top, left or right of the content in "Message."

Image: Enter an image to use in the cell.

Link: Supply a URL to wrap a link around the image and the footer link.

Message: Enter a brief message or a other content such as links.

Enable to display this cell's "Footer Link": Enable checkbox to show the footer link, or disable to remove.

Footer Link:

Text: Enter the text that will display in the footer.

Background Color | Enter hex value | Example: #000000: Enter the color name or code value here. This will be the footer's background color. For help in finding a color code use this color mixer.

Text Color: Select the color of the text to be white or black.