The Web Counts

The BYU-Idaho Web Site Provides Another Connection to Camups




It is hard to believe that just one short decade has made such a distinctive difference in the world of communication. But one thing is clear…the Web counts.


In the fall of 1995, a committee of three met on campus to determine the feasibility and direction of introducing Internet access to the school and the soon-to-be coordinated Web site. The experiment that started within the Department of Math had caught the interest of the administration. The future, practical application was intertwined with imagination, reservation of security, and limited resources.


Ten years later the Web site of BYU–Idaho is derived from scores of people across campus. The information is accessed both on and off campus by a worldwide audience that includes employees, prospective and current students, parents, alumni, retirees, and other interested individuals. For the approximately 50,000 hits coming on the home page daily, the drop-down menus implemented throughout the site give consistency and ease of navigation and access.


When first offered as a communication tool for the campus in 1995, only three areas showed interest in developing content for the Web. Today there are some 250,000 pages of information on virtually every aspect of BYU–Idaho. Students have a secured portal for registration, academic records, classroom discussions, and graduation guidelines. Employees use the Web as a communication tool that is time effective and cost efficient. No matter where they may be, users find easy access to everything from a virtual tour of campus to academic research or listening to the latest devotional release. SM


Log on at to find a wealth of information at your fingertips:


•           Alumni Association—Find Alumni Awards, benefits, reunions, scholarships, and yearbooks

•           Alumni Connections—Use your on-line community directory

•           Campus Tour—Take a virtual tour with audio dialogue

•           Career and Placement Center—Seek resources for students, alumni, and employers

•           Catalog and Class Schedules—Help prospective students learn what is available

•           Continuing Education—Enroll in academic, community, religious, youth, and travel programs

•           Devotional and Speeches—See listings since 1976; audio and manuscripts file formats since 1982

•           Health Center—Find answers to health questions

•           Histories—Read the Scroll, Rixida, or complete text of The Spirit of Ricks

•           Inauguration Highlights—Enjoy program and photos

•           McKay Library—Peruse special collections, family history, research journals, magazines, and more

•           News Center—Read official releases of campus news

•           Performance Tours—Review availability and schedules or order Sacred Music Series recordings

•           Search and Index—Discover the user-friendly tools to find topics of personal interest

•           Statistics—Learn about changing enrollment, etc.

•           University Bookstore—Order supplies, devotional tapes, or memorabilia

•           Web Cameras—Check the view or the weather from numerous locations, including the adjacent Rexburg Temple construction site


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