From the Mailbag
Constant Friend
Thanks to all who are involved with the [ Summit] magazine. I realize many hours are spent in organizing the articles and insights into one neat package for our benefit.
    I want you to know, for us, your efforts are worthwhile. This publication has followed me everywhere. I appreciate the way you always find me and bring timely messages into my home. It’s like inviting a close friend over to spend some quality time. Keep going and keep smiling,

    William E. Hill ’84

    Idaho Falls, Idaho

Married Appreciation
We appreciated your Fall 2004 article about married students. Certainly the rapid growth in the married student population means adjustment to the University. It reminded us of our experience at Ricks College 20 years ago. As married students then, we were certainly a small minority. We did not, however, go unnoticed.
     We particularly appreciated our professors, especially Wilson Brown and his wife Darleen, who helped me get a job at the college, invited us to dinner, and sent home a lot of leftovers. I also thank Darwin Wolford, who had us watch his house and kids, which in turn helped with college expenses. We even received help from our apartment manager, who awarded us a financial prize for winning a holiday decorating contest—a contest we were unaware of. We thank all who made our college experience unique and wonderful.

    LaDon and Sandra Linde ’84
    Outlook, Wash.

Your Comments Are Welcome
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Alumni Connections
Do you have exciting news to share, want to wish a long lost friend “happy birthday,” desire to get together with your college ward, reminisce with someone who also remembers the good times, or are you just curious to know what your former college roommates and ward members are doing?

    Alumni Connections
, the official online community for BYU–Idaho/Ricks College alumni, is a great resource for reconnecting alumni. This alumni community was developed exclusively for the alumni of Ricks College and BYU–Idaho, and best of all it’s free! 
    Visit the Alumni Web site today at  There you will find a link to Alumni Connections. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to register. This will allow you to update your personal information as well as search for  your former classmates and friends.