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Spirit Week: come celebrate with us

BYU–Idaho has launched a new tradition. “Spirit Week is a celebration created specifically to share the unique atmosphere and spirit found at BYU–Idaho,” Advancement Vice President Garth Hall says. “It will be a time to connect with academics, activities, and traditions that tie the past, present, and future together.”

Leading the way are students who plan, organize, promote, and carry out a variety of events during the week. It can be a busy, hectic, and yet rewarding process. “It is amazing to be able to work with councils of high caliber people as we brainstorm ideas,” says Tierra Belle Finicum, a junior from Provo, Utah, who has gained perspective from a variety of experiences as a participant and now as a leader serving as Activities Council vice president. “A lot more students are doing a lot more things. The leadership is spread around,” Finicum continues. “I see other students becoming intensely trained and able to do wonderful things. As they see the fruits of their labors, they are encouraged and want to get involved again.”

Exercising leadership and management skills, students help develop something for everyone. Alumni and community friends are invited to share the fun along with students and employees in events such as torch lighting parades, fireworks, concerts, dances, alumni reunions, and luncheons with keynote speakers.

  Spirit Week activities vary as much as the Idaho weather. Choices of how to get involved abound. While scores of student leaders coordinate the activities—hundreds more are involved as participants and spectators. In the fall, the competitive sports league lives up to its name with championship baseball, softball, volleyball, swimming, and football. A 50-lap relay race between student wards and alumni keeps up the pace of friendly, spirited competition. Familiar favorites such as the Miss BYU–Idaho pageant and emeritus breakfast round out the schedule.

Emotions are high even in the depth of winter when the chill in the air is perfect for events such as snow sculpting, snowshoe broom hockey, ice skating, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. Wondering about the ball game? Be sure to check out polar bear kickball or the ever-popular slam dunk contest. While new activities such as pond skimming add an element of excitement, there are also times for inspiration and motivation at a leadership conference, a luncheon with a specially selected keynote speaker, and the Man of Excellence Fireside.


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