Fall Summit 2003: Letter from the President
Letter from the President
President David A. Bednar

Dear Alumni and Friends, 

Through my association with people on and off campus, I am often asked, “As Brigham Young University–Idaho continues to develop and grow, what do you think the institution will be recognized for?” The answer to this question is remarkably simple. Although there are many important advances taking place across campus, the university will be known for its students and the mark they make in the world.

I recently attended a luncheon where I was seated by a businessperson who sponsors interns from BYU–Idaho. I took the opportunity to ask him what he found most attractive about students from our institution. His answer was, “They are far better prepared than other students we have accepted as interns.” He continued, “The interns who have come from BYU–Idaho have had a wide range of opportunities and experiences. They have already figured out how to make things happen.”

Helping students “make things happen” is a major emphasis on campus. If there is one guiding principle upon which BYU–Idaho is built, it is this: There are things to act and things to be acted upon (2 Nephi 2:14). Acting in accordance with correct principles enhances and facilitates learning. At this institution we are attempting to create curricula that provide breadth and flexibility for students—allowing them to help set the direction of their own education. Students do not simply sit in a classroom. Rather, the classroom becomes a place where students are engaged in the learning process through participation and contribution.

Additionally, if they choose, students can complement their academic experience with a wide range of hands-on learning experiences outside of the classroom where they are given the option to act. Opportunities such as the Activities Program, academic societies, student associations, internships, and student employment provide students with choices to help them better meet their needs.

This edition of Summit Magazine is just one example of how student learning is taking place on campus. From copy writing and layout to photography and project management, students have filled key roles in developing many aspects of this issue. I invite you to review the magazine and hope you find it informative and enjoyable.

If you would like to learn more about BYU–Idaho’s innovative approach to student learning, as well as other important developments on campus, I encourage you to frequently visit us via the Internet at www.byui.edu.

Thank you for your interest in and support of BYU–Idaho.


David A. Bednar

President, Brigham Young University–Idaho