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F. Broadhead
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R. Campbell

President Packer speaks at devotional
President Boyd K. Packer, acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke at the March 12 devotional at BYU-Idaho. He counseled students to listen and follow promptings of the Spirit.

Students receive transition insights
At one of the largest major forums ever held on campus, President David A. Bednar gave the student body his personal insights into the transition from Ricks College to Brigham Young University-Idaho. Students were encouraged to increase their own awareness of the magnitude of what is happening around them. The forum was part of a campus-wide communication effort.

Interior Design receives national accreditation
The Interior Design program has been accredited by the Foundation for Interior Design Education Research. "Accreditation means that we set a higher standard as a program and are better prepared to prepare the students for a real career," says program director T.L. McRae. Previously a three-year program, the Interior Design program will award the first BYU-Idaho bachelor's degrees at the end of the Winter Semester.

Deans for seven new academic colleges announced
BYU-Idaho has replaced its former nine divisions with seven new academic colleges. The change is a step in the ongoing process of transitioning from Ricks College to BYU-Idaho. This brings BYU-Idaho in line with most other universities that use the term "college."
Newly appointed deans are Fenton Broadhead for the College of Business and Communication and Gary Marshall for the College of Education. Other deans, who were serving as division deans, are Rod Keller, College of Language and Letters; Rudy Puzey, College of Physical Sciences and Engineering; James Keller, College of Religion and Social Science; Kevin Anderson, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; and Matt Geddes, College of Performing and Visual Arts. In addition, Ron Campbell, who has been the director of Continuing Education, is now dean of the Division of Continuing Education.

river frontUniversity purchases river front property
The university has purchased 120 acres along the Teton River and Henry's Fork of the Snake River. The property is adjacent to the BYU-Idaho Livestock Center five miles west of Rexburg on Highway 33. With careful consideration for minimal environmental impact, plans for the land include wildlife studies, hiking, canoeing, camping, biking, and horse paths. The property is the burial place of the wife of early-day trapper Richard Leigh, better known as Beaver Dick, and their six children.

BYU-Idaho converts residence hall to family housing
With the substantial increase in the number of married students attending BYU-Idaho due to the school's transition to a four-year university, the BYU-Idaho Housing Office has converted Lamprecht Hall, a former women's residence hall, to family housing.

Enrollment reaches all-time record
The official winter enrollment count shows 9,893 students attending the university. Enrollment was 9,200 for fall semester and 8,955 for winter semester a year ago. More than 70 percent of those admitted decided to come, resulting in more new students than expected. There is also a notable increase in married students.

University to start design of several projects
The Board of Trustees has authorized BYU-Idaho to begin the design phase of five building or remodeling projects in response to expected growth associated with the new baccalaureate programs and increasing enrollment. The proposed projects include a new student health center, remodeling and additions to the Austin and Benson classroom buildings, a new fitness center inside the Hart Building, and new family housing.

running with olympic torch

Olympic torch comes to town
Spirits were high early on a chilly winter morning as the Olympic torch made its way through southern Idaho on its way to Salt Lake City. Sports information director Bryce Rydalch carried the torch in Rexburg as did retired Student Life Vice President Mack Shirley and Pat Burton. The previous day, Computer Information System's Randy Somsen had carried the torch as it made its way through Idaho Falls.

Spori book reflects "Spirit of Ricks"
BYU-Idaho recently published Remembering the Spori, a compilation of commemorative photos, memories, and essays. The book is a tribute to the pioneering efforts associated with the "Spirit of Ricks." Exclusive outlet is through the BYU-Idaho Bookstore (208) 496-2211.

Exemplary faculty of year honored
Kip Hartvigsen, English Department chair, was honored as Exemplary Faculty of the Year by the Faculty Association. "To be perceived a certain way by your colleagues is humbling because you want to live up to their expectations when sometimes you don't see yourself that way," he says. He has been a faculty member since 1982, affecting students in both the classroom and their daily lives.

Reburg native named man of excellence
Rexburg native Ray Rigby was honored as the Man of Excellence. The Rexburg attorney was selected for his community involvement, strength of character and embodiment of excellence.

Where are they now?
The number of Ricks College/BYU-Idaho alumni continues to grow. Past roommates, classmates and associates are making a significant difference within their homes, in Church service, and the communities in which they reside. Have you ever wondered "where are they now?"

Shumway's familySusan Cox Shumway '69 left Ricks College thirty-three years ago but declares, "leaving never meant forgetting." She and her husband, Scott live in southern Maryland where he serves as bishop of the Patuxent Ward. Susan teaches early morning seminary. They have five children and seven grandchildren. Their youngest daughter will be attending BYU-Idaho this summer.
Service is a big part of Susan's life, extending from the days spent at Ricks. She feels her "heart was changed forever" by the sisterhood gained while serving as Valkyrie president and as Relief Society president of the College 12th Ward. She also worked as a Manwaring Center receptionist. Reflecting on memories, Susan says, "I loved the 'Halls of Learning' and most of all, I love the people who touched my life for good. I loved Bishop Thompson and his family. He taught by example how to love, to serve, to offer all."
She continues, "In all honesty, each day I draw on the strength I received while attending Ricks! From those good roots and from attending college in frosty-freezy-breezy Rexburg, I found joy and strength that continue to bless me each and every day! There was a special spirit at Ricks that changed lives. Thanks for continuing the legacy of love!"

Jenson playing basketballSid Jenson '57 remains an active hoopster at age 66. He played for Ricks College in 1956-57 and Utah State University 1959-61. He started playing senior basketball ten years ago in the Huntsman World Senior Games in Utah and Florida. Senior tournament medals have piled up since.
His USA team recently collected another senior hoops gold medal by winning the championship title at the World Maxi Basketball Games in Lubjlana, Slovenia. Ninety-nine teams competed in the tournament. Jenson reports, "In our division there was Finland, Germany, Uruguay, Brazil and Russia. We ended up playing the Russians for the gold. Winning was certainly a thrill."
The American team is composed of ten men from across the country, with Jenson being the lone Idaho potato farmer. A Rexburg native, Jenson hopes to compete in the international competition in Australia later this year. "When I play I feel better," says Jenson. "It's worth the effort. The real blessing in participating for seniors is that it keeps you in good shape. As long as I feel good I'll keep playing."
Sid married Katherine Miller '57 from Roberts, Idaho, where they now reside. They have four daughters, three sons, and 15 grandchildren. Six of their seven children have attended Ricks College.