To The Alumni


 To the Alumni
-- By Dean Mortimer (74)
   President of Ricks College Alumni Council 
Dear Alumni:

This issue of the Summit brings to a close another school year and with it many changes: The oft-mentioned transition of Ricks College to BYU-Idaho, a four-year university; the replacement of the Spori Building following its theatrical demise; the starting of the Student Alumni Organization on campus; the growth of new alumni organizations in areas in and out of the Intermountain West; the announcement of another set of outstanding awardees; and two President Club receptions and dinners. It has been a very busy and memorable year!

As the buzz continues about the transformation of Ricks College to BYU-Idaho, we have appreciated the feedback from the last issue of Summit and the results of the transition survey.* (See report below.) Both have been quite enlightening. It has been very interesting to see the different comments from Church leaders, current employees, and current students. Let me share a few answers to the question, “How do you accept the transition from Ricks College to BYU-Idaho?”

I think that the prophet knows what he is doing; and if he doesn’t, the Lord does.

This isn’t an issue of commerce, industrialization, or publicity, it is an issue of being able to educate and service more young adults. I’m all for that.

I think it’s exciting that the Church has grown enough to merit such a change... I just hope that Ricks won’t lose the personal and welcoming spirit that it has as it grows bigger.

Since I’m on the basketball team, it is kind of hard to see the program leave; but it is the prophet (talking).

Now who can disagree with a great person like that?

I feel the opportunities this transition will give to students are amazing. I wanted to graduate from a Church school but had no desire to attend BYU-Provo. This transition has given me the chance to receive my four-year degree by staying here.

The overwhelming support of the continued growth and change is encouraging. It is great to feel that the Spirit of Ricks continues and will be made available to more young people throughout the world.

We want to see this support carried into action and results. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the Alumni Office to find out what you can do to help. This is increasingly important as the staff of Ricks College meets around the country and explains and educates people about the transition.

In this issue you will read more about the transition and what to expect. Read it with interest, and then don’t hesitate to write or e-mail us. We want to know what you are doing, how you feel about what is happening, and what you think about the future of BYU-Idaho.

As you know, I feel strongly about the influence that we have with one another and throughout the world. Ricks College is where it started and where it will continue.

Your fellow alumnus,

Dean M. Mortimer (74)
Alumni Council President

P.S. Thank you for your interest in the BYU-Idaho survey! In just two months we collected nearly 3,000 completed surveys from individuals with various connections to Ricks College. The information is now guiding our efforts as we focus on educating the public.

Under the direction of the Board of Trustees we are developing materials which cover those areas we have learned are of major interest. We will post this survey again in July in order to measure our effectiveness in relaying vital information to you, who have a special interest in the future of BYU-Idaho.

At BYU-Idaho we are indeed rethinking education and hope to share with you many exciting innovations in the coming months and years.

Please check back with us in a few months and in the time being go to: for the latest updates as we become BYU-Idaho.