Future of Spori Building



 In a letter to Ricks College employees in June, college President David A. Bednar announced the decision on the future of the Spori Building, the oldest building on campus. Portions of the letter are reprinted here:

      "As you know, the Spori Building has been a major concern to college leaders for several decades. Determining the appropriate course of action has been particularly challenging because of the historical significance of the building, and much time and effort have been expended in trying to and ways to preserve and/or restore the facility.

      After extensive research and deliberation, we concluded that restoring the Spori is not a feasible option. During a restoration, the entire interior and roof structure would need to be removed, leaving only an eight-inch-thick exterior rock wall. And even the viability of successfully maintaining the exterior wall is questionable. Also, our engineering studies show, due to the softness of the exterior stone, a restoration could not result in a facility that would endure over time and that restoring the building would only postpone the inevitable.

      With these concerns in mind, we recommended to the Board of Trustees that a new building be erected. This recommendation was approved by that body.

      It is estimated that it will take at least a year to complete the design (for a new building); during that time, the Spori will continue its current usage. Construction of a new facility likely will begin in early 2001.

      As we move forward with the design of the new building, one of our top priorities will be that it preserve the values and history of the past. While it will not be identical to the Spori, it will be distinctive in its appearance and reflect the "Spirit of Ricks" that is so often associated with the current building. I assure you that we will do all we can to capture the heritage and legacy of Ricks College in the new facility.

      Thank you for your support and understanding in this most difficult decision."


    (Signed) David. A. Bednar


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