Dear Editor:

      Visiting Ricks after a 27 year absence was both a thrilling and reflective experience for me. Glimpses of the past flashed through my mind as I roamed the campus, visited familiar structures and remembered those wonderful days during that first year of college.

      Thank you for the updates on the lives of my former professors. Their instruction and profound influence have helped shape what I am today.

      Gary Adams (72)

      Anchorage, Alaska

Enjoyed reading the article on Mack Shirley (in fall 1998 issue). I was one of those who changed football pads to march with the band at halftime at Homecoming. I had almost forgotten about that. (Ricks is) a great school.

      Lynn M. Hansen (55)

      Reston, Va.

Enclosed please find a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of the entire devotional address given at Ricks College by Sister Bonnie Sellers Hammond, entitled "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes," on the 1st of April 1997, as offered in Summit magazine. While I was never a student at Ricks, my daughter was and I spent two wonderful "mom's weekends" with her there. There truly is a special spirit at Ricks.

      Sharon LeFevre

      Sycamore, Ill.

Editor's note:

      We have filled approximately 50 requests from readers in 16 states for reprints of the above devotional talk.

My husband and I love hearing the latest on the progress and continuing spirit at Ricks. Thank you for all your efforts on the Summit magazine.

      Sarah Adair Buma (94)

      Cleveland, Ohio

Thank you for helping us enjoy and experience the Ricks College American Folk Dancers and their bluegrass band. They performed here in July in Belgium at shape (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) and in Brussels at the stake center.

      The performance in Brussels was outdoors and followed a barbecue served by the Elders and Sisters of the combined Antwerp Netherlands and Brussels Belgium missions. (First time we've done a combined event like that with both missions.) Some 200 plus attended and it was wonderfully done. It was the groups last performance and they held nothing back. Of those in attendance, about 20 to 25 were non-members and a group of less active members attended as well.

      Thank you for the effort to touch lives and bring the Spirit of Ricks to faraway places!

      Allen Blake Boatright (74)

      Brussels, Belgium

p.s. I was president of the Vikaliers my last and graduating year at Ricks.

Editor's note: For more on Allen, see "Alumni Portfolio" in this magazine.

I have always been grateful for the Spirit of Ricks as it touched my life as a young student many years ago. But I never thought that one day it might reach out over 2,000 miles and touch the life of my troubled young nephew in Brazil.

      Paco (not his real name) was adopted at a young age into a strong LDS family, but has had a hard time shaking the influences of his birth family. Unfortunately, he has made a series of bad decisions that have left him disillusioned and angry.

      The Ricks College Extravadance  group performed in his stake in late April of this year, and, in fact, some of the group stayed in his home. Through the songs, performances, happy hearts and countenances of Ricks College students, Paco's heart was touched. He hesitated between holding on to his angry feelings, or wanting to embrace the goodness he saw and felt around him.

      The miracle occurred the following Fast Sunday when Paco nervously approached the stand and bore his testimony. It was not long, but it was heartfelt.

      The power of good works was not finished yet. Paco wanted to go to the temple with the Ricks group to do baptisms for the dead, but again he hesitated between his two worlds. A good bishop saw the opportunity to nurture a struggling testimony, and he was given a temple recommend. After a good experience in the temple, there was a sad farewell to the dancers from Ricks.

      I can speak for my whole family in expressing a collective "thank you" for this small miracle that we all pray will be but a beginning of a new life for Paco.

      Sharolyn Norris Steinmetz (76)

      Houston, Texas 


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