David Thueson
James Gordon
James Hirrlinger
Lynn and Ann Smith
Spirit Week

New Alumni Leaders Named
David Thueson ’83 is the new Alumni Association president-elect. Thueson will assume responsibilities as Alumni Association president in April of 2007. David and his wife, Jenelle Ihler Thueson ’83, have been serving on the Alumni Council for the past year.

James Gordon ’96 will serve as president of the Young Alumni Council. James and his wife, Virginia Alba Gordon, have been active on the Young Alumni Board.

James Hirrlinger ’01 accepted the nomination to serve as president-elect of the Young Alumni Council.

Lynn Smith, retired Ricks College teacher, has accepted the role of Emeritus Club president. His wife, Ann Laker Smith, will serve as the secretary to the Emeritus Board. Lynn and Ann reside in Rexburg and have been actively involved in the Alumni Association and Emeritus Club.

Seeking New Alumni Ambassadors
Alumni Ambassadors serve as local representatives for BYU–Idaho and the Alumni Association in their local communities. Alumni Ambassadors are being sought from:

•           California (central and southern counties)

•           Idaho (Caribou, Franklin, and Oneida Counties)

•           New Mexico (San Juan County)

•           Oregon (Lane, Linn, Malheur, and Yamhill Counties)

•           Utah (Iron County)

•           Washington (Benton and Yakima Counties)

•           Wyoming (Lincoln and Uinta Counties)

             If you are interested in serving or learning more about Alumni Ambassadors, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at (800) 537-2586 or e-mail

Devotionals Are Available Online
Devotionals have been a hallmark of Ricks College and BYU–Idaho for years. Speeches from as far back as 1976 are now available online. Recent devotionals are in both text and audio formats. Other online presentations include addresses given for commencements, inaugurations, Education Weeks, Mothers’ Weekends, forums, religious lecture series, and messages from the president. A complete listing can be found at

Alumni Surveys Provide Important Feedback / Insights
In an effort to serve alumni better, the Alumni Relations Office has two surveys online at One evaluates the Summit Magazine and the other involves  alumni benefits. All of BYU–Idaho/Ricks College alumni are encouraged to visit this Web page and complete these surveys. The questionnaires are brief, but the information received will help Alumni Relations serve you better.

Discounts Available for Fifth Annual Alumni Lagoon Day
The fifth annual Alumni Lagoon Day will be held Saturday, July 22, 2006. Each year hundreds of alumni and their families join for a day of fun, food, and prizes. Discount coupons will be available at the front gate from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Coupons are also available from the Alumni Office at 16 East Main in Rexburg or by calling (800) 537-2586. Savings are $10 per family member. A free picnic lunch with door prizes will be held at the Davis Pavilion at 1 p.m.

Life Sciences Reunion Set for October
Are you a life science alumnus from Ricks College or BYU–Idaho? If so, please consider joining us for our first life sciences reunion. This reunion will feature an evening semi-formal dinner with a live band and dancing afterwards. Special guests include former and current life science teachers, with remarks by Dr. Lyle Lowder. Invitations will be sent to all alumni in the life sciences. This reunion is part of the Fall Spirit Week activities which will be held on campus October 10-14, 2006. To ensure you are on the mailing list, please send an e-mail to

Rally to Kick Off Each Spirit Week
A growing tradition at BYU–Idaho is the Spirit Rally, which marks the beginning of each Spirit Week. The rally is sponsored by the Alumni Association and includes an all-school relay (50 laps in the fall and 30 laps for winter and summer). About 60 teams participate from the community and BYU–Idaho student wards, employees, and alumni.

The evening also includes a torch light parade, performances by the BYU–Idaho Marching Band and Spirit Team, and a fireworks show. The rally and other Spirit Week activities provide ample opportunities for friends, community, and alumni to unite with students in traditions that tie the past, present, and future together.

The dates for the next three Spirit Weeks are:

•           July 11-15, 2006: Summer Spirit Week (Family Day)

•           Oct. 1014, 2006: Fall Spirit Week (50-year reunion)

•           Mar. 13-17, 2007: Winter Spirit Week (Mothers’ Weekend)