From the Mailbag

Kudos to Summit
I enjoyed reading this past edition (Fall 2005) of Summit Magazine. The layout and design as well as the content have certainly improved over the last few years. Kudos to the editor and art and production staff.

I love BYU–Idaho. Like many former graduates, I have fond memories of Ricks College. There is not another school like it (no matter what anyone says) in the world. It’s entirely unique.

Keep up the good work!

Doug Anderson

Eyes on the Temple
Thank you so much for the installation of the camera where we can watch the building of the Rexburg Temple. To see the walls rising ever higher, despite the mounting snow, is such a sweet experience. We have never had an experience quite like this and look forward on a daily basis to the changes the workers are making so the temple can bless lives soon.

Miss Lopez’ Seventh Grade Class

American Heritage School

American Fork, Utah

Response to Online Survey

Editor: The following comments and responses are based on Summit Magazine’s online survey:

Thank you for providing this! It
helps me to still feel connected to that important chapter of my life. I look forward to returning to visit.

Editor: You are important to us and always welcome. Opportunities for reunions and visits during Spirit Week are in Alumni News on page 34.

I am so far from BYU–Idaho in miles and years, my interest is more in the facility. I would like a place to see a map of campus so when a building is talked about I can see where it is.

Editor: We listened. The “Campus Revisited” article on page 28 is for you.

I loved my Ricks College experience and love reading anything which helps me remember the Ricks/BYU–Idaho I knew. Especially for Ricks College graduates, in addition to marveling over the growth, we would appreciate some write-ups on what hasn’t changed from the Ricks College that we knew.

Editor: Students still foster the nurturing environment. See page 8.

As someone distant from the campus, I enjoy obtaining a feel of the current school—academic programs, profiles of student enrollment, and projected changes.

Editor: You’ll enjoy the ongoing “Rethinking Education” series on page 24.

Most graduates have left the Idaho area. How can Ricks College/BYU–I reach out to include them? Alumni organizations/networking? We still have a lot to offer students. Could alumni mentor students in common professional fields? I would be glad to work with a current student.

Editor: Our students need you. See the call for Alumni Ambassadors and mentors on pages 33 and 34.

Your Comments are Welcome

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